My daughter was unsure about plans for college and didn’t even know how to find her path. Our SICC Advisor helped her believe in herself. He inspired her to focus on her classes, study hard for her ACT, and make tough choices to change her life. She was admitted to her top two universities, and now she is preparing to spend a semester studying at a prestigious university in Europe. I’m so proud of her! I strongly recommend SICC to anyone.


We spent thousands of dollars to engage a college counseling agency. They provided my daughter some suggestions and basic information to narrow her college choices, but the agency's feedback was cursory and unhelpful in general. We reached out to SICC just weeks before the deadline. Our Advisor gave detailed suggestions about her application and the all-important personal statement that helped the admission committee understand the reasons for her borderline grades, and allowed her other achievements to shine. As a result, she was admitted to her top school: Ohio University with its prestigious Scripps School of Journalism. We are very grateful for the timely and significant help our SICC Advisor provided.


My two years working with David on three social entrepreneurship team projects was really great. He gave me life and career advice that helped me prepare for law school. I also asked him to write my reference letter. With his help, I got in to the University of Wisconsin. That was my top choice school. They gave me a great financial aid package. Not having huge loans allows me to continue my social entrepreneurship work, and I’m very happy with my law career now.


David worked extensively with me to prepare my Fulbright Fellowship application. It funded my entire program in public policy at the University of Maryland. The fellowship and degree opened the door for my career at The World Bank. I am very glad I worked with him, and I enthusiastically recommend SICC as a unique and much-needed organization. I really like that they are a non-profit and it gives me confidence in their mission. Their approach to help students get in to a great degree program and make it affordable, I’m sure will help many others like me.


I had an ambitious plan to pursue doctoral studies in piano performance at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. I knew the odds were against me because it’s one of the top conservatories in the world. David worked closely with me through the long application process. He helped me prepare for GRE and TOEFL tests, and helped me with every part of the actual application. CCM also offered me a very generous aid package with a teaching assistantship. It’s great that other students can benefit from this level of direct help through Social Impact College Coaching. Without that help, graduate school would have been impossible.


I asked David for help on my Senior Fulbright Research Fellowship application. My plans were to spend a year at Harvard to research my book on positivism and the philosophy of science. His clear advice helped me get the fellowship. That time at Harvard proved to be crucial for my book. David’s advice was so good, I also asked him to edit my manuscript. We spent two years working on drafts. When The Positive Mind was published, I had to credit David’s fundamental contributions. His efforts were critical and consequential.



“I had withdrawn from college during my first semester because I ended up not liking my nursing major and didn't connect with the campus community like I thought I would. David opened my eyes to social entrepreneurship. He encouraged me to get some experience working in early childhood education. I began taking classes at The Ohio State University while I helped manage an afterschool program. I also took his advice to study abroad. I had the most amazing month doing social entrepreneurship work in Tanzania and raised money to provide forearm crutches to a boy with disabilities. It was probably the single most meaningful and powerful experience in my life. It gave me new purpose and direction. The support and insight I got from David helped me discover things about myself I didn't see yet. He believed in me."


"I desperately needed help with my college applications because I was swamped with my job and other responsibilities. David coached me through the entire process. He even helped me prepare for standardized tests since I didn't have time to enroll in a specialized class, and wanted really focused help anyway. He knew when to push, and he knew when to let go and allow me to make my own decisions. Working with him is so empowering. His coaching came at the ideal time for me and was given sensitively every step of the way, past every roadblock. It ended up being exactly what I needed. It changed my life.”


"As an international student, I really needed extra help to understand my options. David worked with me on career advice and scholarship applications. The financial side of studying aviation is very expensive. Finding the right program, balancing work and studies, and making it affordable is really hard. He helped me with all of that, and I feel like I'm in a better place now. He also did research for me to help explore options in different programs. His professional connections and knowledge of higher education opened doors for me. That is huge when you don't have connections on your own. David took the time to get to know me as a person. That helped me put together strong applications. He spent hours with me working on my essays. I'm very proud of them now. I trust his advice completely. "  


“Mid-way through a successful career, I decided to return to graduate school to become a counselor. I needed a lot of support. SICC was extremely helpful from the beginning, from researching potential graduate programs, investigating financial aid options, prepping referees to write effective reference letters, and preparing the application itself. Doing it all alone would have been impossible with my hectic schedule. SICC was a lifesaver. I got into one of the top programs in the country. David also had ideas about how to network months before I got to campus. That process opened the door for a T.A. position for me, worth almost $30,000 and an entire year of graduate school paid for. Without help from SICC, I likely wouldn’t have even mounted an application, much less got to where I am.”