STEM / Green Energy

SICC team members have co-founded successful green energy ventures with patented technology used by thousands of companies and institutions such as medical and research facilities, retail and grocery stores, and the transportation / logistics industry. We’ve worked on projects and developed products involving solar energy, LED lighting, highly efficient climate control systems, superhydrophobic and hydrophillic materials, and innovative power saving and power generating technology.

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SICC team members have won state, regional, national, and international awards in social entrepreneurship, STEM, and business; from being named “Hero of the Planet” by the Saint Louis business journal, to winning first place out of 10,000 applicants in the international DuPont Challenge and to the President’s Youth Environmental Award with an invite from President Obama to visit the White House.

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Team members have worked on technology and social entrepreneurship projects in Asia, Central America, Europe, and the Americas. We have decades of combined experience and an extensive network for students interested in STEM fields, nonprofits, social entrepreneurship, and design. We can connect you with experts in business and academia, with researchers, social entrepreneurs, and educators who are experienced working with young people to help open opportunities for real-world applications and impact in your community and on your college admissions and career choice.

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We have a number of great projects in green energy and STEM fields for interested teams to implement, as well as the guidance and leadership every team needs to succeed. We also have experience in open innovation, and we can help you brainstorm new ideas, build a team, and develop a new project or sustainable business venture that creates social impact.