8-11 Graders


Personal Development, College Prep, and Social Entrepreneurship Project Coaching

Successful and fulfilled middle and high school students have the support and space to find out who they are, and know how their personal and academic interests can open their path to a great college and meaningful, rewarding career. Our Career Social Impact Curriculum connects personal development, social entrepreneurship education, college preparation, and career development.

Lack of knowledge about what colleges seek in an applicant is a huge stressor, as is college search and the harrowing application process itself. Preparation for college search and applications begins as early as middle school.

We provide students with flexible choices to suit their specific needs and timelines- through long-term work with a 3-person team (set-price package option) or individually with an advisor on specific components (hourly-price custom coaching option).

Our coaching services are provided virtually through video conferencing meetings and electronic communications, providing flexibility to serve students based anywhere.

SICC’s core mission is to be accessible to students and families of all backgrounds, similar to colleges and universities, most of which are non-profit organizations and which seek to be financially sustainable. We offer our services on a sliding scale, based on ability to pay, and with verification of household income. We are only funded with revenue from the people we serve. We may not be able to accommodate everyone with financial need, but we will do our level best to level the playing field for everyone.

Comprehensive Package

We serve students from 8-12 grades. Our packages are tailored to help students connect their academic, career, and life goals. We help students discover their interests, find their focus, and prepare them for college. We guide and support students and their families through the entire college application process -- from middle school through college and beyond.

Our packages deliver significantly more one-on-one time, team support, research, near-peer expert and professional advice than any of our competitors, and for a competitive price. Our social entrepreneurship coaching model has helped students win admission to many top colleges and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and aid. Our team is nationwide and we work with students across the country.


Our 3-person team gives the student and their family three times the support and three different perspectives.

Oversight of the entire process is provided by a professional- the Advisor- who has extensive experience in the academic and social entrepreneurship worlds. The Advisor typically has mentored, written applications, recommendation letters, and resumes, has served on admissions committees, and has worked and achieved in various professional settings. The Advisor can see the student’s progress and goals from an invaluable, long-run point of view.

Your Advisor guides you.

Near peer coaching is provided by an accomplished undergraduate student - the Coach - who has recently experienced the entire college prep and admissions process and knows better than anyone what students face, how to help them succeed, how to handle the pressure and balance the demands.

Your Coach motivates you.

A second accomplished peer - the Assistant Coach - provides a critical, alternative viewpoint on the work, from social entrepreneurship projects, to academic progress, to application, and to personal development. The Assistant Coach will ask new questions and offer out-of-the box ideas which will help cover missed opportunities.

Your Assistant Coach backs you.

Curriculum Elements

  • Over 55 hours of direct coaching and support from team members each year
  • 22 individual and team meetings for hands-on, direct coaching
  • Comprehensive, proprietary career and academic assessment interview and survey- Career Social Impact™ student analysis each year
  • High school activity and academic profile evaluation each year
  • Strategy recommendations for highlighting achievements, explaining issues, and presenting student
  • Recommendations for top ten institutions based on interests, study programs, financial accessibility, and other factors important to the student and their family
  • Financial aid and financial need analysis
  • Social entrepreneurship project brainstorming, research, and recommendations
  • Extensive Social Entrepreneurship project development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Project plan and strategy for social impact project and college prep
  • Multiple monthly huddles and check-in support during the entire process
  • Monthly progress reports provided to parents/guardians and student


  • Welcome huddle for organization, explanation of procedures, additional meeting planning
  • Comprehensive interview with student and parent(s) or guardian(s) to assess goals, interests, problem/opportunity identification, academic planning, extracurricular activities, financial goals and needs
  • Analysis of interview result, research into issues raised, preparation of Impact Plan and follow-up meeting
  • Follow-up meeting to review Impact Plan recommendations and agree on goals with student and parent/guardian
  • Brainstorm potential social entrepreneurship project ideas carried forward from initial discussions on interests, passions, and problem/opportunity identification
  • Conduct preliminary Career Social Impact™ analysis and share results with student and parent/guardian
  • Assignments given to student, assisted by the Coach, to research problem/opportunity list
  • Follow-up meetings with Coach to refine ideas
  • Meeting with student, parent/guardian, Coach, and Advisor to select Social Entrepreneurship Project
  • Preparation of one-page Executive Summary of Business Plan for Social Entrepreneurship Project
  • Assemble Social Entrepreneurship Team for Social Entrepreneurship Project
  • Social Entrepreneurship Project implementation facilitated by weekly check-ins and managed by SICC's Trello Project Management System
  • Monthly progress reports and evaluations conducted by Advisor and Coach
  • Check-ins also focus on personal development, academic goals, time management, college preparation, and financial goals
  • Iterative improvements made to Social Entrepreneurship Project based on regular check-ins and evaluations
  • Mid-year evaluation of Social Entrepreneurship Project and student's performance presented at comprehensive meeting with student, parent/guardian, Advisor, Coach, and Assistant Coach
  • Goals set for second half of the year for Social Entrepreneurship Project, personal development, academics, and college prep and planning
  • Preparation of annual evaluation
  • Annual comprehensive evaluation meeting with all team members led by Advisor

Custom Coaching

SICC can make the maximum impact for students and achieve the most return on investment in terms of personal and career development, as well as improving college admissions prospects and financial aid through our comprehensive packages. However, for students and families seeking different options or who have an atypical timeline, we offer the following options conducted on an hourly basis:

Direct work with an Advisor:
(On any of below services)

Five-hour block of direct work with an Advisor:
(Choose up to two of the below services)

  • Social entrepreneurship project brainstorming and planning

  • Social entrepreneurship project implementation and evaluation

  • Summer activity planning - employment, internships, job shadow, research

  • Academic planning

  • Extracurricular planning

  • Career planning

  • Referee identification and relationship cultivation

If after spending any amount of time working with SICC on an hourly basis you elect to work with the entire team as part of our comprehensive packages, we will credit any amount you have already spent toward the package cost.