Imagine loving your life. 

Imagine being optimistic about your future.
Motivated by a strong sense of direction, of purpose, of responsibility.

Overcoming difficulties with grit and diligence.

Imagine being fascinated with learning.
Passionate about your work.
Connected to your community and to the world.

Imagine opening that acceptance email from your dream college, knowing you have the support to afford it.

 Imagine graduating, starting a meaningful career, loving your vocation, and knowing your work helps change the world. 


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We understand. We believe in you.
Let us help you get there. 


But why strive for admission to a prestigious institution if you lose yourself in the process?

The competition, the stress, the financial strain, and the stakes are higher than ever.

But what’s most at stake is not admission or rejection.

It’s whether you ever really get to be You.

“The admissions officers told me only one thing: help us find truly good people.”
Ivy League alumni interviewer to candidate (and current SICC coach)


The admissions game has changed. And it’s not a game at all. More than what you’ve accomplished, it’s about who you are.

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There is no magic strategy, no best path, no single answer.

You don’t need perfect scores or grades. But you do need to create your own strategy. You need to be You. Creative. Driven. Passionate.

In every field or academic discipline, in any career or community…

Who is truly original?

Who is most adaptable? 

Who creates change and forges the future? 

What kind of person do all top colleges and universities seek?

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Social entrepreneurs.

A social entrepreneur creates sustainable social and economic value by solving problems and meeting a community’s needs.

SICC helps young people become social entrepreneurs to best prepare for college, vocational education, or a startup. From college prep to search to applications, admissions, and financial aid, or from idea to execution, we help you imagine, learn, achieve, and succeed.

The SICC Difference

We are non-profit and non-corporate.

To make our services accessible, we offer sliding scale pricing for households with demonstrated need. Contact us for details.

Whether you work with us long-term on social entrepreneurship, or shorter-term though the entire college search and application process, your three-person SICC team supports you through your study, test prep, and college search, building your leadership skills as you build your resume, nurturing your creativity, broadening your experience, encouraging you to follow your head and your heart, and empowering you to discover and develop your unique path to a rewarding, purposeful life.

Every minute, we strive to help you grow and succeed as a person, not only as a student or applicant.

Whether you aim for elite, selective, or best-fit institutions, our personalized assessment process helps you discover your vocation, and our team approach motivates you to succeed by making your work meaningful and education accessible.

We work to complement your family and support system, involving parents, guardians, and mentors in every step of the process.

Contact us for a free 15-minute consultation session and let us show you how we can help you live the life you’ve imagined.